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Last updated: September 23, 2021

We use cookies when you visit our Website to make it work properly, to provide the most relevant content to our Website visitors (“user” or “you”), as well as to present advertisements. This Cookies Policy (“Cookies Policy”) is provided by us, SmartBreast Corporation (“Company”, “us” or “our”) and includes important and transparent disclosures regarding the cookies and other tracking technologies placed in our Website, as well as related data collection practices. This Cookies Policy will detail the type of cookies, our third-party partners placing such cookies, information regarding their privacy policies and data collection through the cookies, as well as your choices and controls. We encourage you to read this Cookies Policy carefully prior to accessing or using our Website and use it to make informed decisions. This Cookies Policy constitutes an integral part of our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Definitions herein shall have the same meaning as defined therein.

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This Cookies Policy may be updated from time to time and therefore we request you to check back periodically to read the most updated Cookies Policy. The last updated version is reflected in the "Last Updated" heading above. In the event of a material change we will make best efforts to provide a notification through the Website or other methods, as and if required under applicable law.


A cookie is a text file that a website – when visited by a user – asks your browser to store on your device to remember information about you. Cookies are then sent back to the originating website on each subsequent visit, or to another website that recognizes that cookie, to develop a record of the user’s online activity. Some of the cookies may expire when the session ends and you exit your browser. Other cookies are saved on your computer’s hard drive.

Cookies help us enhance your experience when you are visiting our Website. It helps understand how users use the Website and their preferences, such as which pages or content are most popular, so that we can better provide our Website content. The cookies may contain a variety of information, such as the Website pages you have accessed, session durations, and IP addresses.

Note that at any time you are able to change your cookies settings through your browser settings to control cookies placement by limiting use of cookies on your device, opt out or delete certain cookies already stored on your device - all as detailed under the “How to Control and Delete Cookies” provision below.


In general, there are several types of cookies and among others:

  • Essential, Functionality, Operation & Security Cookies. These cookies are essential for enabling users to browse the Website in a proper and efficient way, and for security purposes (i.e., used to authenticate users, prevent fraudulent use, and protect user data from unauthorized parties). This category of cookies either cannot be disabled, or if disabled, certain features of the Services may not work.
  • Analytic, Measurement & Performance Cookies. These cookies are used to collect information about how users are browsing our Website to improve our Services and the way we offer them, as well to assess performance of the content and the way it is displayed in our Website. These cookies enable us, for example, to assess the number of users who have viewed a certain page as well as their country of origin.
Third Party Purpose Privacy Policy
Google Analytics Analytic, Measurement and Performance
Google Tag Manager Essential, Functionality, Operation. & Security Cookies


When using our Website and the Website content, you may use Third Party Content or be directed to other third-party sites (as defined in our Terms and Conditions). These third parties may use their own cookies. We do not have control over the placement of cookies by other third-party sites you visit, even if you are directed to them from our Website.


In addition to the Opt- Out information provided within the table above, you may opt-out of the data collection, sharing process and advertising services related to cookies, as follows:

Note that, in the event you disable cookies, some features of our website may not operate properly.

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